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Steps to qualify for the MetaMask Airdrop

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In this article we’ll go through exactly how to qualify for the MetaMask airdrop if you didn’t know already MetaMask token has been confirmed by its developer consensys and this will likely be one of the biggest tokens to launch in crypto ever.

This is actually going to be one of the largest if not the largest airdrop in crypto if it actually ends up coming true and that is a big if because although the MetaMask token has been confirmed the token airdrop has not been confirmed.

So big disclaimer everything we’ll talk about today all the guys and the steps below will only be for Community speculation there hasn’t been any official announcement of whether this token will be distributed to airdrops participants or not.

This guide will require you to complete transactions on Ethereum Mainnet which will use up quite a bit of gas fees.

I estimate you will need to spend about $100 in total gas fees to complete all the steps in this guide regardless though I still think it’s worth it.

Because the MetaMask token will be one of the biggest tokens ever.

In March of 2022 Joe Lubin the founder of Consensys has already confirmed that they want to pursue Progressive decentralization for the MetaMask wallet.

And to do this they want to create a doubt and intend to issue a token in the future this news came after Consensys raised a series D round of 450 million dollars.

Which brought the firm’s total valuation to a whopping 7 billion dollars they’re definitely one of the biggest companies in crypto space ever.

Why is now the best time to try to qualify for the potential airdrop?

This is because MetaMask has introduced a whole Suite of D5 functionalities over the last year, way back in 2020 MetaMask has already added token swapping as a functionality to the wallet this not only acts as a front end but actually acts as a tax aggregator and MetaMask charges transaction fees as a D5 service provider.

Then throughout the past year MetaMask has launched its own portfolio adapt that has been slowly integrating new features to it.

Currently you can track your coins by crypto with Fiat swapped between different coins with the aggregator for swapping stake Ethereum through Lido and Rocketpool and even move tokens between chains using their Bridge aggregator.

So it is an all-in-one defi Dapp already and this is the main thing we’ll be trying today to qualify for the MetaMask Airdrop.

These are the main on-chain tasks that you can complete so without further Ado here are all the steps that you need to do to qualify for the MetaMask Airdrop.

Step 1: MetaMask Swap

Potentially the first step is to use the swap function on MetaMask to trace some coins.

-> Go on MetaMask Wallet chrome extension and you see a Swap Button there, Click on that Button.

-> Then a Swapping Page will popup which is very similar to Uniswap you can choose to swap from one token to another token.

Metamask Airdrop

So I’m just going to choose to swap some Ethereum to Usdc. In terms of how much money you need to swap here it doesn’t really matter any small amount would do you just need to interact with this functionality.

So I’m just going to swap 0.01 Ethereum to Usdc and also for all the tasks we’re going to do today try to do them on Ethereum Mainnet.

And with Ethereum as the main coin that you’re using because Metamask wallet itself is very closely related to Ethereum.

So even though there are other networks supported within the wallet when it comes to MetaMask and consensys.

They want to do everything that has to do with Ethereum and benefit the Ethereum network so by using Ethereum as the network you’re doing you actually increase your chances to be to be included in the airdrop.

Step 2: Bridge to MetaMask Portifolio

Step two is

Bridge to MetaMask Portfolio to use the bridge functionality on MetaMask to go to the MetaMask portfolio website.

So on the MetaMask Wallet extension again you see this bridge button click it and this will actually open up a brand new website.

That we’ll be using for the rest of the guide this is the MetaMask portfolio application that they have developed in the past couple years get yourself familiar with this interface and you can even track how much coins you have on your wallet with the portfolio button.

Step 3: Buy Crypto with MetaMask Portifolio

Step three you want to buy some cryptos Buy Crypto with MetaMask Portfolio through MetaMask’s portfolio functionality.

So head on over to the portfolio website again of MetaMask and you see a buy button on the top left click it and this will open up the buying tab.

This is actually not a trading or swapping functionality rather it it actually is a Fiat on-ramp that allows you to buy crypto directly within MetaMask Portfolio from your whichever region you’re in.

And with your favorite payment providers so they actually support a ton of regions across the world.

So type in wherever you’re situated and then a couple buttons and choices will pop up to give you options for payment and just pick your favorite one that applies to you and here you can see you can choose to buy however much of Ethereum you want.

Now how much total amount actually doesn’t matter so again I’m just going to buy ten dollars worth or whatever the minimum is in this case for this payment provider the minimum is thirty dollars

And you want to buy Ethereum again because MetaMask is all about you know benefiting the Ethereum ecosystem.

So try to choose Ethereum whenever possible select get quotes and you can buy with this button by entering your credit card or whichever payment provider you’re using.

After you complete this the Ethereum would directly be deposited into your MetaMask wallet so that’s also super convenient you don’t need to use an exchange.

You can Go through this video for a broader view about this Metamask Airdrop.

Step 4: MetaMask Bridge Aggregator

Metamask Bridge Aggregator want to use the Metamask bridge aggregator to transfer some coins between different chains.

So again go back to the Metamask portfolio website and go to the bridge tab with this selector there and you see this allows you to bridge different tokens from Ethereum to other networks for the sake of qualifying for the airdrop you can choose the bridge to any other network.

So I’m going to choose the bridge to Arbitrum because Arbitrum is also very closely related to the Ethereum ecosystem and because we want to try to bridge eth as the coin.

And we were choosing Arbitrum here because eth is also the native coin on the Arbitrim network.

So this way you can Bridge from Ethereum to Arbitrum and then take that same money back without needing to do anything else Ethereum is also the gas token on Arbitrum.

Select however much little amount you want to bridge again any amount will work I’m just going to put 0.01 Ethereum again and then here you see Metamask already chose a bridge provider for you in my case it’s hop Bridge you don’t need to choose any other Bridge or change anything here.

Because Metamask bridge this page here is actually an aggregator and Metamask will choose the best Bridge provider for you.

So you are already going through the Metamask application itself so let’s just let it choose the best quotes for you and then go and submit the transaction click confirm.

And your transaction will go through and in a bit your Ethereum will arrive on the Arbitrim network.

Now when you’re done with this guide if you want to take the same Ethereum out and maybe even cash out you can do the same thing by Bridging the same Ethereum from the Arbitrum network back onto Ethereum Mainnet and you can do so on the same Bridge tab just change the order here.

So change to from Network to Arbitrim and change the to network to Ethereum and then Bridge however much amount you want back onto Ethereum Mainnet and this way you get all your money back.

You do need to spend a little bit more gas fees however but if you want to recoup all the money that you have bridged over you can do so with this functionality.

Step 5: Stake Ethereum

Moving on the final step step five we Stake Ethereum want to stake some Ethereum through the Metamask portfolio your website.

So on the portfolio website go to the Stake tab and you see there are two staking providers currently supported on Metamask we have Rocket pool and Lido both of these are actually liquid staking providers.

So what that means is when you stake Ethereum through one of these providers you get a liquid staked version back.

So you see here I have already staked some Ethereum with Rocket pool and I got some R E’s back this is a liquid version that directly tracks the real price of Ethereum.

So even though you have staked Ethereum you don’t actually spend that money you are anytime you can sell that our Eth back and get the same amount of Ethereum back that you can then cash out or do whatever else.

You can choose to stake any amount of Ethereum you want again any small amount would do I’m just going to choose 0.01 Ethereum and there’s also a choice here that you can pick between staking monthly or yearly.

I’m just going to pick yearly again this is not a lock up whatever you pick doesn’t really matter because you will get this R E tokenized version back and if you want to sell it you can sell it right after this tutorial so click review click confirm and confirm the transaction.

Once you’re done with this tutorial if you want to get your Ethereum back you can do so by going to the swap tab again and then choosing our Eth as the swap token then swap that to real Ethereum and get a quote get a quote approve the transaction.

Do everything you know you’re used to on Uniswap and you can swap that same amount of our Eth back to Ethereum so then you can actually recoup your costs and this will allow you to take back your Ethereum you can cash back out again or use it wherever you were previously doing.

Yes this will require you to spend extra transactions again to recoup your costs so I think overall in this whole tutorial we’ve spent about five or six Ethereum transactions and that will be about 100 to 120 dollars total.

But in terms of actual money spent when you’re spending the money outside of a gas fees there isn’t any as you can see you can recoup all your costs and that’s it that’s all the steps.

MetaMask Airdrop Final Thoughts

Metamask Airdrop Final Thoughts you need to qualify for the Metamask token airdrop again I have to emphasize even though the Metamask token has been confirmed this token.

Will it be actually distributed as an airdrop? We don’t know so there has been a lot of signals coming out especially Metamask have Incorporated the Swap and Bridge functionality.

You can see the buttons directly within the Metamask wallet extension so there are really trying to push this Metamask portfolio Defi application to the Metamask user base.

So I think there’s a decent chance that once you have completed all the Defi use cases today if there’s an airdrop you will be qualified in terms of a snapshot there hasn’t been any dates announced just yet.

So I do think you still have a lot of time because this portfolio adapt is still not that popular hasn’t been that widely adopted yet.

I still think there’s quite a high chance that if you do these tasks today you can qualify and lastly yes you need to spend 100 120 dollars in gas fees.

If that’s too much money for you and you only want free air drops then this is probably not the one for you you want to Target more air drops that are happening on test Nets instead of a mainnet environment.

But I would actually argue that airdrop qualifications on Mainnet actually are typically more lucrative because you need to spend 100 bucks in gas fees this actually turns away a lot of the Bots and airdrop farmers.

And only the real participants that are willing to actually use these defi applications and functionalities can qualify for the airdrop you cannot just create a thousand different wallets and automate Bots like on test Nets or joining discords.

So that’s why I think you should go and do all the tasks we mentioned today to try to qualify for the airdrop ASAP even if Metamask doesn’t do that well it’s still going to be at least a thousand dollars if there is an actual airdrop.


So these were the steps for qualifying for MetaMask Airdrop. If you are actually willing to participate in this airdrop and if you want to spend 100 bucks for participating you must follow these steps to qualify.

MetaMask Airdrop is not a Free Airdrop.

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What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to interact with decentralized applications (dapps) on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is a software wallet that is installed as a browser extension.

How does MetaMask work?

MetaMask works by creating a hot wallet for your cryptocurrency. A hot wallet is a wallet that is connected to the internet, which makes it vulnerable to malware and other online threats. However, MetaMask uses a variety of security features to protect your cryptocurrency, such as:
1. Entropy-based seed phrases:** When you create a MetaMask wallet, you are given a 12-word seed phrase. This seed phrase is used to generate your private keys, which are used to access your cryptocurrency. The seed phrase is generated using entropy, which makes it very difficult to crack.
2. Two-factor authentication (2FA):** MetaMask supports 2FA, which adds an extra layer of security to your account. With 2FA, you will need to enter a code from your phone in addition to your password to log in to your MetaMask account.
3. In-app transaction signing:** MetaMask uses in-app transaction signing, which means that you will need to approve each transaction before it is sent. This helps to prevent unauthorized transactions from being sent from your MetaMask wallet.

What can I do with MetaMask?

* Store your cryptocurrency
* Send and receive cryptocurrency
* Connect to and interact with dapps
* Swap tokens
* Participate in airdrops
* Stake your cryptocurrency

When will the MetaMask Airdrop start?

The MetaMask Airdrop is still in development, but it is expected to start in 2023. The exact date has not yet been announced.

How much MASK tokens will be distributed in the MetaMask Airdrop?

The amount of MASK tokens that will be distributed in the MetaMask Airdrop has not yet been announced. However, it is expected to be a significant amount of tokens.

What are the eligibility requirements for the MetaMask Airdrop?

* Create a MetaMask wallet.
* Fund your MetaMask wallet with ETH.
* Connect your MetaMask wallet to the MASKdrop dapp.

How do I claim my airdropped MASK tokens?

Once the MetaMask Airdrop has started, you will be able to claim your airdropped MASK tokens by following these steps:
1. Go to the MASKdrop dapp.
2. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the MASKdrop dapp.
3. Click on the "Claim Tokens" button.

Is the MetaMask Airdrop a scam?

The MetaMask Airdrop is not a scam. It is a legitimate promotional event that is being organized by the MetaMask team. However, it is important to be careful of scams, as there are many fake airdrops that are designed to steal your cryptocurrency.

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