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NGS Crypto: Generate Passive Income with Crypto

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NGS Crypto is a fintech platform that provides blockchain mining, crypto-asset strategy, and digital asset management services. It is headquartered in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

Their motive is to help their members achieve life changing wealth through Blockchain Mining.

They are offering members the opportunity to earn passive fixed rate returns of up to 16% a year, returning members 100% of their initial investment at the end of a two three or five year term.

Now while that may sound good in theory you’re probably wondering how blockchain mining works how they are able to generate these sorts of returns and the process to get started.

So let’s break that down step by step starting with what blockchain mining is and how it works.

Guys this is not Financial advice this is strictly for entertainment purposes only so make sure you go out and do your own research come to your own conclusion.

What Is Blockchain Mining?

Blockchain mining in simple terms is the process of approving a financial transaction between two parties.

You might have heard of bitcoin Ethereum and other crypto assets which are all based on blockchain technology every time someone wishes to buy sell or transfer a digital asset a Blockchain Miner acts as a Middleman to help validate or approve this transaction and receives a small reward as compensation.

How Blockchain Mining Works?

The analogy NGS crypto are using is like investing in the ownership of an Atm or EFTpos machine.

Every time someone makes a payment or cash withdrawal there is a micro fee attached to the transaction while these fees may not seem like much at first with up to 400 billion us dollars worth of transactions occurring every single day.

Blockchain mining has become a highly profitable and competitive space.

But this isn’t a new principle in fact this middleman approach of facilitating transactions has been around for decades and has been utilized by some of the world’s largest financial organizations including banks credit card companies and online payment platforms.

NGS Crypto are simply taking this time-tested method of making money and applying it to the ever-expanding digital asset space.

How NGS Crypto are giving consistent return of upto 16%

So now that you understand how blockchain mining works you’re probably wondering How Ngs crypto are able to pay members consistent fixed rate returns of up to 16% a year and ensure the return of their initial capital upon the completion of their term.

To begin with it’s important to understand what happens to your investment capital when you partner with Ngs crypto unlike traditional investments where funds are used to buy assets like stocks real estate or commodities.

When you partner with Ngs crypto your capital is used to effectively lease machines from our mining headquarters which is located in Batam Indonesia.

The key difference with this model is that rather than taking on the volatility or risk associated with asset ownership your funds are used purely for mining which delivers a fixed rate of return ranging between 6% and 16% per annum.

The returns you receive will depend on the amount you want to invest and the lock-up term you select terms are available over two three or five years after which you’ll have the choice to withdraw your initial capital or roll it over into a new mining agreement.

All interest payments are calculated and paid on a daily basis to members Ngs accounts members returns are paid in Bitcoin which they can either accumulate for long-term capital growth or sell at market rate to lock in their fixed rate of return.

Ngs Crpto handle all the purchasing running and maintenance of the machines which predictably produce income 24 hours a day seven days a week and this really is the true beauty behind blockchain mining that allows them to generate these consistent returns.

Because they can quantify the number of machines computing power number of transactions and operating costs they can forecast expected returns months or even years in advance based on mathematics with their dedicated research and development team.

Continually researching the most profitable mining equipment projects and industry developments Ngs crypto takes care of the heavy lifting to deliver members consistent passive returns They’ll even send you a notification at the end of each day to let you know you’ve been paid.

How to get started with NGS Crypto?

So by now you’re probably interested in the process to get started we’ve broken it down into a very simple five-step process which we’ll break down now.


Step one structure to begin members decide how they are wanting to invest which can be done in one of four ways using Cash, Superannuation, Cryptocurrency or Home Equity.

For cash or cryptocurrency related transactions these can be done easily through NGS Crypto website.

For Superannuation or Home equity arrangements you will likely need to contact an Ngs representative to help guide you through the process.

They have established relationships with some of Australia’s leading financial professionals we have the people and procedures in place to help you every step of the way.


Step two returns once you know how you will invest the next step is to work out your investment amount and lockup period which can be over a two three or five year term based on the way you invest your lockup period and the amount you’re looking to invest.

You’ll work out your minimum fixed rate of return which ranges from 6% to 16% per annum.


Step 3 agreement with your investment details finalized we’ll get to work on drawing up an IMA (Initial Mining Agreement).

Your IMA outlines the terms of your agreement with Ngs Crypto and is something you can discuss with your Ngs representative.

If you have any questions once you’re happy with everything you’ll be able to sign your IMA digitally and will get to work setting up your Ngs account.


Step 4 transfer with your agreement signed the final step is to transfer funds to Ngs which will differ depending on how you wish to invest for cash or crypto payments.

This can be done quickly and easily through online banking or a direct crypto transfer for superannuation or equity purchases this can take a little bit longer depending on whether you need to set up an SMSF or refinance your home loan.

While this can sound a little technical your Ngs representative and trusted financial professional will guide you through this process ensuring it’s as seamless and streamlined as possible.


Step 5 profit once your account is finalized and set up you’ll get a notification letting you know and you’ll begin receiving your daily returns to your Ngs account.

From here you’ll have the freedom to check your balance or manage your returns as you see fit but your service doesn’t stop there as an Ngs member you’ll also have ongoing access to our educational resources members only offers and loyalty bonuses which reward you the longer you stay with Ngs Crypto.

Ngs Customer care

Finally if you have any questions or technical issues you can call their Australian based support team who will be available to help you during office hours.

They think good service is merely part of what we do and as an Ngs member you’ll receive this support and more without paying a cent in account keeping or management fees that’s the ngs difference.

So whether you’ve got questions about getting started or just want to talk to someone.

Simply contact us via our website or by calling on 1300 001 647.


Hope your all questions are cleared regarding Ngs Crypto. If you have any other question regarding it please feel free to comment it down i will definately answer that.

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What is NGS Crypto?

NGS Crypto is a fintech platform that provides blockchain mining, crypto-asset strategy, and digital asset management services. It is headquartered in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

What services does NGS Crypto offer?

NGS Crypto offers a variety of services, including:

1.Blockchain mining: NGS Crypto provides mining hardware and hosting services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

2.Crypto-asset strategy: NGS Crypto offers investment advice and portfolio management services for cryptocurrencies.

3.Digital asset management: NGS Crypto provides custody and security services for cryptocurrencies.

How does NGS Crypto make money?

NGS Crypto makes money through a variety of ways, including:

Costs for its services, including as management and mining costs, are charged.

Taking a cut of the profits from its clients’ investments.

Selling ad space on its social media platforms and website.

Is NGS Crypto a scam?

This question lacks a definite response. NGS Crypto is a young business that hasn’t been around for too long. The company’s lack of transparency and the absence of user feedback raise certain questions. NGS Crypto is not a scam, albeit there is no proof of that.

How can I invest with NGS Crypto?

You can open an account and deposit money with NGS Crypto by doing so on the company’s website. After that, you can select the services you want to use, like mining or financial advice.

What are the risks of investing with NGS Crypto?

There are a number of risks associated with investing with NGS Crypto, including:

*The risk of losing money. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and prices can go down as well as up.

* The risk of fraud. There have been cases of cryptocurrency scams in the past.

* The risk of security breaches. Your cryptocurrency could be stolen if NGS Crypto’s security is compromised.

Is NGS Crypto regulated?

There is no financial regulator that oversees NGS Crypto. This indicates that no governmental body is in charge of monitoring the company’s operations.

What are the alternatives to NGS Crypto?

There are a number of alternative cryptocurrency mining and investment companies. Some of the most popular options include:

Coinbase: Coinbase is a well-established cryptocurrency exchange that offers a variety of services, including mining, investment, and custody.

Kraken: Kraken is another popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers a similar range of services to Coinbase.

Binance: Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It offers a wide variety of services, but it is not as well-regulated as Coinbase or Kraken.

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