Metamask Vs Trust Wallet

Metamask Vs Trust Wallet: Best Wallet?

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In this article we’ll compare Metamask Vs Trust wallet which is the best crypto wallet to use and which one is going to give you the features that you need?

We’ll go through all of the features of the wallets in this article including the supported coins and networks and the all of the other features that you might want to use.

Metamask Vs Trust Wallet: Supported Coins

we are going to start with the Metamask Vs Trust Wallet supported coins and networks first though because if a coin that you want to use isn’t supported by the wallet then obviously it’s not going to be for you.

There’s a big difference here between Metamask Vs Trust wallet.

Metamask is what’s known as an Ethereum style wallet or an Evm style wallet.

Evm is Ethereum virtual machine any network that runs using the Evm can support Metamask now what Metamask doesn’t support is Non-Evm chains.

So Bitcoin, Cardano, Solana, Xrp, Litecoin, Polka dot, Dogecoin none of those are Ethereum based or Evm based and so Metamask doesn’t support those coins.

So if you’re using Defi or you’re using Ethereum style chains so that’s Ethereum, Binance, Smart chain, Optimism, Arbitrim, Polygon, Avalanche anything Ethereum based Ethereum layer twos or anything that uses the Evm they will all be available within Metamask.

Now all of the tokens that are built on top of those chains like US dollar Tether USD coin Uniswap all of the other all coins a lot of them built on top of Ethereum they will all be supported on those networks in Metamask.

But if you want to use other networks so if you want to hold Bitcoin if you want to hold Solana or Cardano or Xrp then Metamask does not support those coins at all at the moment maybe they will in the future and bring those on but for right now it’s Evm and Ethereum based coins and assets only.

So if you want to hold BTC or something like that then Trust wallet is the only one that you can use out of these two so I’ll leave links below to all of the official sites for Metamask and Trust wallets.

So you can see the supported coins for Trust wallet all of the major coins are supported all of the major blockchains are supported for Metamask just Ethereum style chains and so that’s maybe going to influence you to use one or the other when it comes to system support both Metamask and Trust wallet can now be used on Mobile and on your browser.

Metamask Vs Trust Wallet: Apps

Now the browser version with Metamask works on chromium-based browsers you can use it on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera Edge.

And I think a couple of others so that is pretty much 99% of people so you can just download it as a browser extension and then use it so very simply you have the network that you can choose here whichever Network that you want to add and use and then you can use this as a browser extension.

In order to automatically connect into Defi applications Trustworld also recently came out with a browser extension you can download it for Chrome, Brave and Edge and a few others.


So exactly the same as Metamask you have a browser extension when you want to connect it to an application you can just do that easily if you are using a browser we’ll focus on browsers first but if you are on a defi app like Pancake Swap so upper right hand corner you can just click and you can connect a wallet.

And then whichever browser extension that you have Metamask or trust wallet they are going to be able to be connected to every single defy application these are the two biggest wallets out there.

If you can’t then you can just click injected right here and that will look for the browser extension that you have in your browser at the time and then you can just open that but they are very very similar there’s not really too many differences in terms of what the use cases are you can just very simply connect it and then send and receive and sign transactions from the assets that you have in your wallet.

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet starting it as a smartphone application and so it did have a head start there however Metamask has now really upgraded its application interface it’s a lot easier to use and on both of these applications.

Now you can use the application itself without having to leave your phone at all you can just go to the DAPP browser in each so with Metamask you can see very easily you can look at applications all of the top applications on Ethereum and other Evm chains like Avelanche, Uniswap, Maker many others.

You can just very easily just click on them and use them directly within the application you can do that on trust wallet too. You can go to the Discover Tab and then there are just options here to look into different applications.

If we scroll down you can see these defy applications if you click one it will just take you straight through to that application and then if you have Assets in your wallet you can connect your wallet and use the application very simply so for my in my opinion both are very very similar in terms of what they offer with dap browsing and connecting to Applications within the wallets.

Metamask Vs Trust Wallet: Wallet Connect

If you want to connect your wallet on your phone and sign transactions on your phone onto an application online you can do it with both Trustwallet and Metamask it’s called wallet connect.

You can actually go into the settings of both of these so I’ll quickly show you and you can press wallet connect right here which gives you a QR code then you can go into your application and then you just go to settings and then wallet connect and that will open up a QR code scanner.

You can then scan the QR code on whatever application you want to connect to and it will connect your wallet so you can sign transactions both Metamask and Trust wallet allow you to do this Wallet allow you to do this. Both Metamask and Trust will it do support connecting.

Metamask Vs Trust Wallet: Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets for the trust wallet side

It’s just Ledger for the time being I’m sure in the future they will support Trezor as well for Metamask right now you can at the moment connect both a Trezor and a ledger if we go to Metamask and then click Hardware wallet Ledger Trezor lattice and QR based you can connect Hardware wallets like this.

The reason you’d want to connect a hardware wallet is because it’s just simply a little bit more robust in terms of security so what a lot of people usually do is use a software wallet to connect to Applications because that’s what you need but then they keep their investment assets on their Hardware device.

So they can link the hardware wallet with the software wallet for the best wallet setup.

Metamask Vs Trust Wallet: Staking

Well if you have some cryptos that you want to invest and actually stake on the Blockchain you can do that with both of these wallets it’s definitely a little bit easier in Trust wallet and they have much more robust support for staking directly within Trust wallet.

If you’re using Metamask there are ways around this but Metamask really isn’t designed as of right now anyway to help you stake any of your assets and so it’s definitely more supported and better supported within Trust wallet.

Through your Trust wallet it’s very simple and easy to do you can just you know get the Assets in the wallet and then stake them on Metamask it just doesn’t let you do this.

But there are many chains now where essentially if you want to stake the coins you can use staking providers so what you would do is get the coins into your wallet and then use a staking provider like Lido Lido Stakes coins on the Ethereum and Polygonmatic networks.

And what you can do is use Lido to actually stake the coins yourself or other providers and they will give you a staking coin that receives the staking rewards.

So you can do that you can essentially hold your assets in Metamask and then use an application on the Ethereum or other blockchains to do what you want to do.

So you can do it within Metamask but the chain support is quite low in comparison to Trust wallet which lets you stake much more coins like BNB, Cardano.

Metamask Vs Trust Wallet: On-Off Ramps

Both wallets also support direct on-ramps from fiat currency.

Trust will it let you buy and sell from crypto back into Fiat or Fiat to crypto Metamask only let you buy at this stage so you can’t actually off ramp. we can also buy crypto suppose we want to buy like BTC and what you do here is use a third-party provider.

So Moon pay or ramp or transact these are third parties so you need an account with a third party and then you would use a card in order to buy the crypto and then the crypto will be sent directly into your wallet.

I wouldn’t recommend this on either trust wallet Metamask or anything else because this is the most expensive way to buy and sell crypto you’re going to be spending a few percent right.

Although it is available for you I’d much more recommend just using a proper exchange like binance buy a bit or something like that at much lower fees and just much more robust.

I would recommend going to proper exchanges much lower fees and better all around Metamask and Trust wallet are the most popular wallets out there because they’re both extremely good they’re both great to use.


Hope your all questions are cleared regarding Metamask Vs Trust Wallet. If you have any other question regarding it please feel free to comment it down i will definately answer that.

I will be updating it in future, And if you liked the post please rate it give it a Five Star.

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What are the supported cryptocurrencies and blockchains for MetaMask and Trust Wallet?

MetaMask only supports Ethereum-based tokens, but users can store other assets such as Bitcoin using wrapped derivatives like WBTC. Trust Wallet supports a wider range of assets, including all ERC20 tokens and thousands of other assets across 33 different blockchains.

What are the fees for token swaps for MetaMask and Trust Wallet?

MetaMask charges a 0.875% markup on token swaps, while Trust Wallet does not charge any fees. However, users should still check what exchange rates are offered before confirming a swap.

What are the features offered by MetaMask Vs Trust Wallet?

MetaMask offers a wider range of features, such as the ability to connect to decentralized applications (dApps), participate in staking, and create custom tokens. Trust Wallet has a simpler interface and is more focused on storing and managing cryptocurrencies.

How secure are MetaMask and Trust Wallet?

Both MetaMask and Trust Wallet are considered to be secure wallets. However, MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet, which means that you have full control over your private keys. Trust Wallet is a custodial wallet, which means that the wallet provider holds your private keys on your behalf.

What is the customer support like for MetaMask VS Trust Wallet?

MetaMask offers live chat support around the clock, while Trust Wallet only offers support through a contact form.

Which wallet is better for me Metamask Vs Trust Wallet?

The best wallet for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a wallet that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and does not charge any fees for token swaps, then Trust Wallet is a good option. If you are looking for a wallet with a wider range of features, such as the ability to connect to dApps and participate in staking, then MetaMask is a good option.

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