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25 Must-Know Hardware Wallets FAQs

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There are a ton of questions about Hardware wallets like what happens if my Hardware wallet breaks? How long do Hardware wallets last? Do I really need a hardware wallet? Today I’m going to answer all those questions and a bunch of others.

I’ll go through each question as quickly as possible to provide you with clear and concise answers because I know your time is valuable.

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Is Crypto Stored On Hardware Wallet?

No crypto and other digital assets are stored on the blockchain they’re not actually stored in your wallet your wallet store is your private key that is used to access the blockchain network.

Are Hardware Wallets Really Necessary?

Yes and no I always say if your assets cost more than a hardware wallet then you should store them on a hardware wallet and if you own hundreds of dollars worth of crypto assets and you can’t afford a hardware wallet I would re-evaluate your spending.

When should you get a hardware wallet if you own or plan to own more than $100 worth assets it’s time to get a hardware wallet it only takes one bad link for your entire portfolio to vanish in front of your eyes.

To Hardware wallets require An Internet Connection To Transact?

Yes Hardware logs do require an interaction with an Internet connected device such as your phone or computer to initiate and verify transactions.

However your Hardware wallet can still receive funds even when it’s turned off and not connected to the internet.

Do Hardware Wallets Have Fees Beside Initial Cost?

To purchase a Hardware wallet there are no additional fees to use your wallet there are however blockchain and exchange fees that you will still have to pay additionally if you buy a wallet like Ledger you might be able to sign up for a subscription service if that’s something you want to do.

What If Your Hardware Wallet Is Lost Or Damaged?

If you lose or damage your Hardware wallets your assets remain safe because they are stored on the blockchain if this happens you can import your secret recovery phrase into a new wallet to access your account and your funds.

What Happens If A Hardware Wallet Manufacturer Goes Out Of Business?

If this happens you can still access your funds by importing your secret recovery phrase onto a different brand of a hardware wallet worst case you can even access some Hardware Wallets on certain software wallets however I do not recommend that as that would compromise security.

Can You Have Multiple Devices On One Seed Phrase?

Yes you can use the same seed phrase on as many Hardware wallets as you want although I wouldn’t recommend it for security purpose the better option is to only import a secret recovery phrase onto an additional wallet if you need it as a backup such as when you lose or damage your first wallet.

Do You Still Need A Software Wallet If You Have Upgraded To Hardware Wallets?

No you don’t still need a software wallet because Hardware wallets are more capable support more coins and are more secure than software wallets that said I actually use both together I use software wallets for transactions and my Hardware wallet for storing my assets.

Can You Backup Your Software Wallet On Your Hardware Wallet?

Yes you can back up your software wallet however that would defeat the purpose of Cold Storage the better option is to create a new wallet using your Hardware wallet and transfer your funds to that new wallet.

Our Hardware Wallets Compatible With Exchange?

Yes Hardware wallets are compatible with both centralized and decentralized exchanges just like you can send cryptocurrency from an exchange to a software wallet like Metamask you can send cryptocurrency to your Hardware wallet from an exchange.

Can You Stake And Buy NFTs Using Hardware Wallet?

Yes there are some Hardware wallets that allow staking and the management of NFTs however every Hardware wallet is different so it’s best to double check before purchasing one and know which assets you want to manage using your wallet.

What Is Easiest Hardware Wallet To Use?

One of the most user-friendly Hardware wallets is the Angel it’s an NFC enabled cold wallet that allows users to manage over 6 000 coins and tokens using an open source mobile phone app the setup only takes a few minutes and the app is very straightforward to use.

Are Hardware Wallets Safe?

Hardware wallets are the safest means for storing your digital assets like crypto and NFTs but that doesn’t mean that they are 100% secure you still must employ Hardware wallet best practices to ensure their devices are not compromised.

Can Hardware Wallets Get Hacked?

Hardware wallets are vulnerable to hacking however it’s pretty uncommon a more probable threat lies in Falling victim to a phishing attack clicking on a deceptive link could lead to your wallet being completely drained, Unfortunately I see this happen every single day whenever I jump on Twitter everyone is clicking on these deceptive links and it is terrible.

Which Hardware Wallets Are Open-Source?

There are several Hardware wallets that utilize open source firmware to promote transparency and encourage trust these wallets include Keystone and one key also Tangem’s mobile app is completely open source.

How Much Do Hardware Wallets Cost?

Hardware Wallets cost anywhere between $40 to $400 generally more affordable Hardware wallets will lack certain luxurious features while the higher priced ones will offer premium features like a large touchscreen and biometric capabilities.

If you’re seeking a reliable budget wallet I personally recommend Tangem if you have a little extra money to spare then I would go with Keystone.

Do Hardware Wallets Ever Go On Sale?

Many Hardware Wallets go on sale during the holiday seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and leading up to Christmas you don’t have to wait for them to go on sale though by subscribing to our website you will enjoy year-round discounts on top-notch Hardware wallets.

Where Can You Buy Hardware Wallets?

You can buy Hardware Wallets on the Manufacturer’s Website, Amazon and in stores like Best Buy.

But for guaranteed authenticity I recommend purchasing your harder wallet directly from the manufacturer also that is usually the cheapest option to go believe it or not.

And do not purchase Hardware wallets from classified sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or Ebay you’re almost guaranteed to get scammed.

How Many Hardware Wallet You Actually Need?

You really only need one Hardware wallet but for better security it’s always wise to have at least one extra has a backup by having more than one Hardware wallet you’ll be prepared in case you lose or damage your Hardware wallet and need to access your funds quickly to transfer them to your new device.

How Long Do Hardware Wallets Last?

Most Hardware wallets actually last between five to nine years the battery is usually the first thing to fail then the operating system and lastly the buttons. While it’s with less Hardware will actually last longer one great example again Shameless plug is Tangem they actually offer a 25-year product replacement warranty on their cold wallet cards it’s pretty insane but they’re definitely confident in their wallets.

Where Should You Keep Your Hardware Wallet?

The ideal storage place for your Hardware wallet is at home in a small lock box or in a safe if that’s not an option then consider getting a safety deposit box at your local bank or you can bury it in your backyard next to all of your dog’s Hidden Treasures.

Can You Really trust Hardware Wallets?

Yes you can trust most Hardware wallets to store your private Keys offline and away from hackers however if you’re looking for more trusts I suggest getting a hardware wallet that uses open source firmware that way you can ensure that there are no bugs or back doors in the firmware that could put your assets at risk.

Can Hardware Wallets Be Traced?

All Hardware Wallet transactions are permanently recorded on the blockchain making them traceable by government authorities.

What Makes A Good Hardware Wallet?

A good Hardware wallet incorporates various security features to ensure your assets remain secure these features include a Secure Element Chip, Open Source Firmware as well as Air Gap Technology ( WHAT IS AN AIR-GAP TECHNOLOGY ) also the wallet should fall within your budget and be compatible with any coins and tokens that you plan on managing.


Hope your all questions are cleared regarding Hardware wallets. If you have any other question regarding it please feel free to comment it down i will definately answer that.

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